Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

We currently are only doing special delivery, within 5 miles of our location. Please call us for this request!

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

All forms of online payments are accepted, including crypto-currency.

How long will my order take?

Pick up time can range from 5 – 15 minutes, depending on the conditions of the store. You may call for frequent updates on your order!

How do I place an order for a customized item?

In order to place an order for a customized item, please give your nearest location a call.

What exactly happens after ordering?

You will receive an order confirmation and your order should take about 5 – 15 minutes. We will reach out to you if necessary.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, you receive an invoice through your email / text message.